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Internal auditing is an independent,objective assurance and consulting activity that strengthens and protects organisations.

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Internal auditors support achievement of organisation objectives with pragmatic insights that strengthen governance and improve business processes. We strive to make a positive difference from the boardroom to the front line, which maintains trust and confidence in the organisation.

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Wellington Networking Forum

28 September 2018
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
PWC Centre
Level 4
10 Waterloo Quay

Session One: 12:00pm – 12:40pm


Topic: Ethics: Doing the Right Things Right

Hear from Greg Nicholls on the challenges around making the right decision— the nature of the role you have and the profession you are in. Where to draw the line between supporting an organisation to achieve its goals and reporting on where an organisation is failing.

When to escalate and when to resolve with the responsible manager? When to be part of the team, and when to stand apart from it?

Greg is an experienced public-sector manager with roles in recent years with the State Services Commission and the Treasury. In 2006/7 he led the development and rollout of the Standards of Integrity and Conduct, the code of conduct applied to 120 State services entities. He has been involved in policy and operational roles for other key government initiatives. He is a Chartered Accountant with prior experience as an auditor, financial manager and consultant.

Session Two: 1:10pm – 2:00pm


Talk Outline

Chapter 12 of the NZISM deals with Media and IT Equipment Decommissioning and Disposal.  Technology has advanced considerably since the early days of “wiping a magnet” over the tapes or disk drives.  There have also been some inventive attacks on equipment to recover data.  These advances have required a more robust approach to decommissioning and disposal.  In August New Zealand’s first Approved Secure Destruction Facility capable of 6 and 3mm shred was signed off and this service is available to government agencies and commercial entities.

This talk will discuss some of the technology changes, attack vectors and the new Approved Secure Destruction Facility in Wellington.

Dr. Chris Roberts, PhD, MBA, FCIS, FGNZ, ACMA, CGMA, CISA

Chris holds a PhD in information science from Otago University (specialising in cybercrime and its risk management), is a qualified Management Accountant, Chartered Secretary and Information Systems Auditor.  He has over 47 years of IT, consulting, commercial and technology assurance experience, almost 35 years of which he has specialised in technical security, technology risk management, IT assurance and IT governance.

He is currently the Head of Information Assurance and Cyber Security Research at New Zealand’s National Cyber Security Centre.  In this role he provides information assurance and technology security advice and guidance to NZ Government Agencies, and is responsible for the ongoing development of New Zealand’s national technical security policy for NZ Government Agencies (the NZ Information Security Manual).  Chris has researched, edited and written large portions of the NZISM since the first edition in 2010.  

He also lectures on external training programmes and is an occasional visiting lecturer to the Wellington Institute of Technology and to Otago and Victoria Universities.  

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