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Internal audit is a dynamic profession that provides independent assurance that an organisation's risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively Essentially, Internal Auditors help organisations to succeed.

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Continuing Professional Education (CPE)


Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

The business world faces ongoing changes and emerging risks that impact how internal auditors meet their organisations' needs. As such, the knowledge and skills internal auditors need to possess to provide professional assurance and consulting services continually evolves.

The International Standards for the Practice of Internal Auditing require internal auditors to enhance their knowledge, skills, and other competencies through continuing professional development. This requirement helps ensure that internal auditors remain competent in the growing and dynamic profession of internal auditing.

IIA Global Certifications

CPE is accumulated and reported on an annual basis.

Certified individuals can report their CPE credits in the Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS) at any time. The reporting deadline is 31 December each year.

There is a fee for reporting CPE which is payable directly to IIA Global through CCMS. The pricing structure is available here. IIA certified professionals who fail to meet their CPE requirements by the reporting deadline will automatically be placed in inactive status and may not use their designation.

IIA certified professionals are responsible for ensuring that the CPE information reported is accurate. In addition, IIA certified professionals are responsible for updating their contact details in CCMS to ensure receipt of notifications and reminders.

View the Continuing Professional Education Policy.
CPE: Frequently Asked Questions

CPE Reporting Requirements

The requirements for each certification are available here.
For details on qualifying CPE activities, please see the Continuing Professional Education Policy (link above).

Ethics Course Requirement

All certification holders must complete a minimum of two CPE hours of ethics training per year.

There is flexibility in fulfilling this obligation. An ethics course meeting the CPE requirements could cover a variety of topics within the broader concept of ethics, such as conflicts of interest, transparency, or ethical leadership. Acceptable courses also may include topics not listed as long as they directly relate to The IIA's Code of Ethics.

To assist you in meeting your ethics requirement, IIA NZ facilitates a two-hour ethics course. Please see our Event Calendar for details or email admin@iianz.org.nz for course dates.
IIA NZ members can also access the following webinar recordings thanks to IIA-Australia:

Newly Certified?

New CIAs are awarded 80 CPE hours; new CRMAs and QIALs are awarded 40 CPE hours. Half of the awarded CPE hours (40 or 20) are for the year in which the exam is passed, and the other half are for the subsequent year. CCMS will display the period for which you next need to report CPE.

Grace Period or Expired Status?

Individuals whose certification is currently 'inactive grace' are required to report CPE for both the current reporting period and the previous year.
Individuals with an expired IIA certification have not reported CPE for two consecutive prior years. To return your certification to an active status, there is a reinstatement process to complete.

View the CPE reporting steps.

CPE from IIA NZ Events

If you have attended an IIA NZ event that qualifies for CPE, the details will automatically be added to your CPE log in My IIA.

Login to keep a running tally of your CPE.

* Please note this is a tracking tool only and certified individuals are required to report CPE through CCMS.

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