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Internal audit is a dynamic profession that provides independent assurance that an organisation's risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively Essentially, Internal Auditors help organisations to succeed.

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Event Details


IIA NZ Business Writing Essentials – Part 1

28 May 2024
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Delivery Method

Registrations have now closed for the IIA NZ Business Writing Essentials - Part 1. Thank you to those who have registered.

IIA NZ Business Writing Essentials - Part 1

Open to IIA NZ members and non-members

Delivered for IIA NZ by New Zealand's leading plain language consultancy, Write Limited

Course Description

Our intensive Business Writing Essentials workshop is a transformative experience for anyone who writes as part of their profession. In 1 day, you'll learn a set of practical, plain-language techniques to craft compelling, reader-friendly, highly effective documents - from short emails to strategic reports, and everything in between. And you'll apply these techniques to your own documents on the day.

You'll explore why clear writing and clear communication are vital for internal auditors and the particular challenges you face as a profession. For example, you'll explore how to deliver bad news, maintain focus on desired outcomes, and persuade people to engage positively with the audit process or other initiatives.

This workshop is suitable as both foundation learning and continuing education for seasoned professionals. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your writing abilities and advance your career.

Calculate how much time you invest in writing and rewriting

Course Benefits

Attend this workshop to:

  • gain practical skills for clear and impactful writing in any business context
  • immediately apply course techniques to your own document for maximum relevance
  • enhance customer satisfaction and reputation, both internally and externally
  • become more personally effective - achieve more collegial agreement, win more business cases, gain recognition for your work, and achieve better work outcomes overall.

Take away:

  • a comprehensive workbook for future reference.
  • a 1-month subscription to Write Online, featuring a library of microlearning videos.

This workshop is a prerequisite for the Advanced Report Writing and Critical Thinking Skills Workshop (IIA NZ Writing Programme Part 2).

Course Outline:

Understand Your Readers

• Learn to empathize with your readers' perspectives

• Identify the purpose of your writing and tailor your message accordingly

Follow the Writing Process

• Discover a structured writing process to maximise your efficiency

• Understand the key steps involved in effective document creation

Create Reader-Focused Structures

• Craft documents with a clear and engaging structure that guides the reader

• Organise your content for maximum impact

Craft Effective Headings

• Learn to create headings that convey your key messages

• Make your documents more scannable and reader-friendly

Choose Precise and Familiar Words

• Enhance your writing with precise and commonly understood language

• Avoid jargon and ambiguity to ensure clarity

Write Clear and Engaging Sentences

• Develop the skill to compose well-structured, reader-friendly sentences

• Ensure that your writing flows smoothly and is a pleasure to read

Create a Tone that Connects with your Reader

• Discover how to establish a tone that resonates with your readers

• Tailor your writing style for different audiences and contexts

Master Effective Layout

• Learn to use layout techniques that enhance readability

• Make your documents visually appealing and easy for your readers to navigate

Take the first step toward becoming a more effective and impactful business writer.

By the end of this one-day workshop, you will have gained a strong foundation in business writing essentials. You'll be equipped to create documents that not only convey your message clearly but also engage your readers effectively. These skills will save you time and effort while contributing to your professional success.

Take the first step toward becoming a more effective and impactful business writer.

Registration cost: $695.00 + GST, per person.

Please note we require a minimum of 10 attendees for this workshop to go ahead.

Registrations are now closed.

Open to IIA NZ members and non-members.

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