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Internal audit is a dynamic profession that provides independent assurance that an organisation's risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively Essentially, Internal Auditors help organisations to succeed.

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Event Details


IIA AUS Agile Auditing – Online Classroom

2 July 2024 - 3 July 2024
10:00 am - 1:30 pm
Delivery Method

Agile Auditing - Online Classroom

In today's fast-paced business environment, more and more organisations are adopting agile methodologies to gain the edge for speed to market and effectively conduct business. Moving away from traditional ways of working, changing culture and achieving organisational agility is now a competitive edge. In this new environment internal auditors need to understand how risk is managed and how to provide assurance in activities that utilise agile work practices. This includes adopting agile terminology, processes and reporting techniques to deliver value to our stakeholders.

Topics Covered
  • Overview of agile work practices and terminology
  • Recognise the shift from 'risk and control' to 'governance and risk', and why
  • Understanding what new risks agile may bring to the organisation
  • Shifting the audit mindset to the agile mindset - Understanding the process of agile audit methodologies
  • Getting over the waterfall - Practical challenges in applying the agile way of working to internal audit work
  • Reporting and practices that help manage risk in agile environment.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding what agile auditing is
  • Confirming when to use agile audit techniques
  • Changing tools and methods to suit agile processes
  • Identifying agile business process risks
  • How to use agile practices for internal audits
  • Producing meaningful stakeholder information using agile ways of working.
CPE Points: 7
Knowledge Level: Advanced
Delivery Format: Facilitator-led training via Zoom (Note: This training program will be delivered in two 3 and a half-hour lessons, over two days using Zoom. Registrations will be strictly limited to 12 participants to allow maximum interaction in the online environment.)

IIA-Australia Online Classrooms listed on the IIA NZ website are open to all IIA NZ members and non-members. The registration for these Classrooms is through the IIA-Australia website.

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IIA NZ Members: $590.91 AUD
Duration & CPE: 2 x 3.5 Hours, 7.00 Hours

Registration Note:
The 'funds transfer registration form' can be used to register for this course. Please click the registration link above, download the form from the IIA-Australia event listing, and email it to training@iia.org.au

If you require assistance with registering, please contact training@iia.org.au

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